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Beware Erroneous Gospel Part 2

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:35 am
by Noblemen
Satan could have no greater impact than by working through one who, in ignorance, preachs the gospel or even misstates what is the Truth of the gospel.
The high crime of dealing damnation to the souls of men in the name of Jesus is one thousandfold greater crime than any evil that could be mentioned.
Sinners are to be saved by a birthing. It is Satan's device to complicate this simple fact with the lesser issues of Christian living.
Thus, so many have ignored the necessity of a birthing and have plucked out scriptures which say, Do this, don't do that, and you'll be a Christian.
Thereby, they not only misstate the truth but also assist in damning souls.
According to the Scriptures, Christians are confronted with a twofold danger.
On one hand, they may go the way of that you're irresponsible, careless Gentiles.
On the other hand, they may go into the legality of the Jews.
They may walk as do Gentiles, or they may fall from grace. They are worn as much against the one mistake as the other.
The doctrines of the Christ life maybe so perverted that, while there is a holy horror of slipping into careless sin, it is deemed most Pius to assume the cursing burden of the law.
Through all the years I have preached, I have witnessed this calamity, for there have always been those so anxious to keep people walking in the light of their own particular interpretations of the scriptures that they do nothing but place a heavier burden upon the believer, the burden of law.