God Has an Amazing Plan for Your Life

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God Has an Amazing Plan for Your Life

Post by paul-s- »

We've all heard promises like this bandied about in Charismatic Christian circles. At one time, such sayings gave me hope. But now I believe that it gave me visions of grandeur. It caused me to despise my current life, with the idea that God really wanted me to have, be and do something so much more that what I experienced.

I've always struggled with apathy. Motivation at work has been especially bad, since I started working from home over five years ago. I used to convince myself that God wanted me to do something so much grander. It caused me to dislike what I was doing, expecting something different and better. I realise I have a good job, which has improved over the years. I got the best appraisal in my life a few months ago.

I've been sceptical of spiritual teaching the past five years or so. Most self-help and spiritual teaching, revolves around change: change your behaviour with an effort of the will, change your circumstances, change your bank balance, etc. There's a lot of emphasis on being better, doing better and having better.

I've recently been watching videos of Ekhart Tolle on YouTube. There's something about Tolle's teaching that strikes a chord in me. Tolle encourages people to let go of trying to control things; noticing what-is in the moment and being alright with it. It seems contrary to what most gurus teach. But I find the more I appreciate what I have now, and stop looking for something outside of myself, something I don't already have – the better things go for me. I've always struggled with anxiety, but not as much in recent years. I think anxiety has a lot to do with trying to control, hold onto and judge things. Ironically, the moment we surrender to the present situation, the more aware we become; and the more able we are to act from a position of clarity and wisdom.
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Re: God Has an Amazing Plan for Your Life

Post by Jac »

Very well put. I was not part of a charismatic church but the same "God has a wonderful plan for your life" teaching was in my church too. It created expectations that were never fulfilled and that led to a huge sense of failure. I had to learn that it was the teaching that was wrong. Although still faced with many heartaches and challenges I am learning to cope better with reality as it is for me and to even find some good moments in the now. So much easier when the pressure is off to change everything or to be somebody I am just not able to be.
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