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Jun 04, 2019

A Different Time

Darin and Hans talk about how Christian ministry today affects people of this generation differently then it did in previous generations. Very interesting conversation. 

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    s phillips

    If you are questioning hell a great 6 part series by Don Keathley called Hell's Illusion can be found on youtube.

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    F Means

    Instead of a New Year’s resolution, I made a New Year’s declaration. I posted on Facebook that I no longer believed in hell as it’s traditionally taught. Quite a range of responses came my way!

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    You guys blew my mind, man. I've been looking for some people to say some of the things you said in this podcast. it was amazing. wow. also i laughed hard at: 16:31 "just be the nerd" we should talk sometime, but i know you wont if you're busy or have a policy about not doing it, but itd be fun. also check out luke 10:19 and james 1:2 in the concordance, you'll see, if you translate them properly, the common translations are false and do not mean anything like what we know them as to be. another good one is 1 timothy 6:9-10, its about a story that haa nothing to do with the love of money being a root of all evil. but about someone who tried to make money setting traps for wild animals, and pierced himself in a trap and how it was really painful. its actually a kind of funny story when you think about what its says at the end of verse 10, but also a serious one about someone getting hurt.

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