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Jan 20, 2020

A Plea For Homecoming

Darin and Hans talk about the division in Christianity across the world and how it plays into the hands of the enemy. This might be one of the most controversial podcasts to be posted in the last ten years. Please pass this on.

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    David Brncik

    Love you guys.

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    People are lost in their own rabbit holes because they do not know God and it becomes crystal clear after a while when you remove all the religious props, sermons, worship music, public prayer, etc. This is all mans religion, Christianity is mans religion. Jesus shows the way to the Father and says that is the only way to know God. What was that way? It was in friendship with all people, meekness-no ego, and personal interaction with God naturally. If they stay the course of the wilderness, being honest with God and themselves, relying on the living word rather than the spoken and written word, they will come to know God personally. Being set free from religion is the easy part, making time and space to know God naturally is often the lonely part until you settle into being nothing, knowing nothing, wanting nothing, and possessing nothing of value compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing God. This cannot be coaxed, encouraged, or coerced, it simply is or it is not.

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    David Brncik

    I think we should stay in the Wild

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    How do you know Jesus even existed or what he said and did without the bible and religion, especially Christianity? Being in the wild can be an excuse to take bits of bible you like and ignore the rest. (eg ignore where God killed Annanias and Saphira specifically to spread fear.) It's a short step from free believer to free unbeliever.

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