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Jul 11, 2018

Borrowed Beliefs

Darin and Hans talk about where most Christians get their beliefs and what makes their beliefs so strong. 

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    What your describing sounds a lot like hiding - I'll be someone else, not myself. The person never comes out of someone else's shadow, so never feels the real heat of life, and never seeks to live in the Lord's shadow. Borrowing beliefs equals a borrowed life. Someday God looks and says, was there life in this person before death? That's all I wanted!

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    David Brncik

    I can understand what you are saying. I think its like in the bible where the people where always asking for a King and God wanted to be there King. Everyone is an individual and has to have there own relationship with God. I have come to embrace scripture more now however as legitimate and true and think the bible is very cool and important. I however think there is so much more that we can understand about God out there. I think that the misunderstood God book is the best book in the universe and gives us a really awesome revelation of the heart of God and the truth about him. I am so excited to think of reading the new book you are writing Darin and hope it will be the best there is. though i still pray and believe for all possible to be in Heaven I now embrace scripture as authority. I feel however that some of the greatest scriptures are yet to be written and we are the living epistles of Christ written on our hearts. I think the will of God is Christs full reward for his labor.

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