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Feb 19, 2019

Cause Past the Expiration Date

Darin and Hans talk about how dangerous a cause can be when it is held on to past its expiration date. 

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    Is anyone else finding it hard to connect to people in any social group these days (church, sport, clubs etc...) because it seems like everybody has a cause to push? Individuality used to be cool. Now, everybody wears their "cause" mask proudly.

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    Holly Hoell

    Hello, I am surprised to hear Darren say some need to go back to church because we have no friends. I think that can be dangerous. I have found some of the worst people in churches and there is not one person I met in church that is still friends with me since I left. I think find something you love to do. For me it is horseback riding and I have come into a lovely community of people through riding that are actually kind and giving people more than the church people ever were. I also think it is the area you live in. NY was horrendous for relationships for me. In Texas, these are more my people. So I have benefited greatly from moving. Also I don't look for that "love" connection anymore. I want unconditional friendships. I have no "bestie's". I just love my friends and enjoy when I can be with them.

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    David Brncik

    Hi Darin Hans, Just wanted you guys to know that I am always moved to the core of my heart through your lives. Darin your lifelong friendship means everything to me. I like what you said about Jesus seeing the women at the well and about seeing people. I think everybody has a desire to be loved but the experience of love is not getting but giving love away. Anyway i listen faithfully to every podcast and I love this ministry and you both with all the heart and hope you know that you are like generals in Christ Jesus and have so much wisdom and understanding beyond what is even beyond remarkable. The one thing I love most about these podcasts is they always bring me into a closer heart connection with God and myself. You live in my heart and your love for Christ is truly a treasure chest being unveiled in each into the wild podcast encounter. I want you to know that you are greatly greatly loved and appreciated for all our labor of love here. You are a heart refuge and I love you.

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    David Brncik

    Over the lifespan of the free believers network I have come into so many intimate heart connections with the Holy Spirit through the podcasts and your friendship. I know that the free believers network truly is a heart refuge and freedom from the chains of inside the box religious institutional thinking can be a breath of fresh air. Honestly i know of no one who can be 100 percent religious 100 percent of the time. What really matters is that we love and the free believers network has always put the primary teachings of Christ to love God and others in the forefront of its heart doors. I believe Gods heart doors are more then open to this ministry and that you 2 are wisdom itself in Christ. You both live from your heart and not only that but you live in each others hearts and this is what makes this ministry so incredibly more then remarkable. I think that deep in the heart of podcast here is a deep love and compassion for both God people and also pastors and leaders.

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