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Jan 18, 2019

Choosing Sides

Darin and Hans talk again about mending the split and how exactly we can do that in others. They also discuss some of Darin’s concerns when he sees people using grace to justify living on the flesh side of themselves, and identifying themselves by that side. 

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    Hey Loved this! Bring out others authentic self. Beautiful! Glad you spoke about putting yourself back under the law & grace having no effect. Christians want to point to the horrible sinners (as if they are perfect and others aren't). Religion destroys the authentic self and hides it under a bunch of rules & accountability. Like that poor teenager with all the cameras in her room - you wouldn't want to do anything wrong cause God is watching - religion says. That is the cancer. Instead of focusing on sin which gives it power, focus on His love and don't try to figure out why there is pain in the world. Because if you believe he is love, he wouldn't hurt you - love doesn't hurt. I can say that because I was very emotionally hurt by someone and I recognize that as evil although some said it was God. Love is who showed me the evil that I was amidst and helped me to find the reality of his kindness and love, and to love myself.

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