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Sep 27, 2018

Closing the Doors to Joy

Darin and Hans talk about how society teaches us to close the doors to any oppertunity we might have at arriving at joy. Political correctness is often at the heart of this probloem. Sometimes it makes sense for us to go against the flow of what is acceptable, and do what others might think is old fashoned. 

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    Holy crap that was a good conversation! Thank you .. I needed to hear that one.

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    It is fashionable to blame all sorts of things on political correctness. I don't see anything wrong with not being able to treat people badly without repercussions. (I feel this group is becoming very cult-like. I couldn't even write a word beginning with sh.. for badly without being censored!)

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    Crap was ok though. Maybe because it was holy? 🤔

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    I am trying to remember where Paul, Peter, James or Jude encouraged hand wringing over what the various societies churches and believers were among didn't help them with.

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