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Nov 12, 2018

Debating with Yourself

Darin and Hans talk about the avenue through which we all learn and how that gateway has been closed to most Christians. 

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    I really appreciate both of you. I look forward to each podcast. I cannot stomach church teachings because it doesn't work. To focus on each and every thing in life (such as suffering) and why it happens in great detail and laws and all the other b.s the church throws in is depressing and weird. I have come to a place where I just want to live my life without examining every detail. It was exhausting. I don't even try to think about God anymore. I just occasionally do to thank him for his love or ask him a question not waiting for an answer but just throwing it out there. I look at all the years I went to churches and conferences a total waste, except that I am where I am now. The thought that God is anything but one with me would leave me to where I was when I was a member of the church and that would be heartbreaking.

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    s phillips

    I like the name of Ravi Zacharias' sunday night program. It is called,"Let my people think." It is time God's people are allowed to think for themselves instead of being told what to think.

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    Grace -vs- Law = Tree of Life -vs- Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The fear of not being good enough as a means of rightly standing before God is always going to screw up one's theology when they are viewing life through the incorrect branches. We were never supposed to live by law or a knowledge of good and evil; God's intention for us to live within Christ alone for identity and Life was and has always been the end game, if you will. David sinned greatly, and yet lived because he saw beyond the veil of fear and judgment; he lived by faith. The whole point of conscience and intuition are to point us to Christ so that He may come and sup with us through the Spirit unto habitation - real communion. So few can grasp what He purchased because they view everything through the lens of law and a knowledge base of good and evil; their own conscience still condemning, when His Blood is available to cleanse their conscience - what Jesus calls perfection.

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