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Aug 13, 2019

Dividing a Nation Against Itself Part 2

Darin and Hans continue their discussion about how to deal with the division crisis in America. 

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    Leray Mercado

    Great podcast Guys!! My only Gripe is when you used the term Liberals. We as a society need to stop Labeling so ‘Liberally’ if I may... lol. Once a Label is applied in a conversation, all parties biases come out over that label. In my community, ‘Conservative’ and ‘Right-wing’ and Republican are treated with a much disdain as the words Liberals, Leftists, Socialists, and Democrats. A very practical way to heal our countries divide is to notice just how our labels are being weaponized against us. Once a person slaps on a label- it’s like they know EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU completely figured out- simply based on your label. I will never forget the one line you and Hans said many podcasts ago- There is an entire UNIVERSE in the human psyche. I may have messed that up, but you get my point. We ALL need to stop characterizing humanity but putting them in nice, neat labels. We are FREE! We are in the Wild. Especially, We as Free Believers need to speak that way and live our truth!!

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