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Apr 30, 2018

Embracing ALL of You

Darin and Hans talk about the difference between people who are effective and people who aren’t. Religion has made us deny all parts of ourselves and has made us blind to others. You’ll enjoy this one. 

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    I still have a hard time associating the word "darkness" with anything good. I totally get what you mean about things that are maybe grey (because christians have deemed them not good) being good. When I think of darkness, I think of depression and hopelessness and pain like from rejection and abuse. To me darkness is anything that decays or harms a persons Identity. It hurts their heart and brings them down. Life in general is good and all those things that build us up and bring joy to our hearts and is good for us that's where we want to be I think. Doing things for one another out of love.

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    Jeremy W

    AC/DC ..okay, i could never really get into them. But I love to blast music by Fear Factory when I drive sometimes. I guess you could call them the AC/DC of cyber metal - every album sounds similar, and all the albums are about man v machine (as in The Terminator) but boy do they do it well! Type in - Fear Factory - Genexus on youtube to see.

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    We were never intended to live by a knowledge of good and evil, LIFE was to be found in eating of the tree of life (Christ); the wrong tree always leads us towards comparison, conformance and performance brought on by guilt, shame and a fear of rejection; it mostly steals our true identities by causing us to lean upon external validations - false positives. As a zealous nube I burnt all of my "secular" music; only to rediscover some amazing music that I had heard in my youth these past few years of true freedom. I am also amazed - as I hear through these songs the loving Spirit of God dealing with the hearts of the writers - so cool!

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    Jeremy Woods

    Darin. I've seen that doco about the singer of Pentagram too - Last Days here... Powerful human story. Free on Youtube

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