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Apr 18, 2020

Fighting the Fear Pandemic

Darin and Hans discuss the current state of the World in the midst of a pandemic. They talk about seeing the world through the eyes of God rather than through the eyes of fear. This is a timely discussion.

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    Brian Linn

    Most boring podcast ever. still relevant tho

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    Darin Malone

    Darin and Hans are real. I like that. Honest to the core.

  3. Gravatar

    I think some people are afraid of fear. It is just a safety mechanism to promote survival, not some great power with a life of its own. To deny fear is to deny part of being human. It does not have to control us but it has its place. Christians say God is in control. But when his carer tortured and murdered a toddler they suddenly say man has free will. Can't have it both ways. God could kill Annanias and Sapphira for lying;he couldn't stop a child's torturer. Bet that little one knew fear.

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