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Dec 13, 2008

Interview with Wayne Jacobsen

Darin and Robert talk with Wayne Jacobsen talk about the “The Shack” and how its sales have opened a new line of thought for Christians everywhere. Wayne speaks openly about how his life has changed over the last eighteen months since “The Shack” was first released. The three also discuss how Americas religious leaders are handling what this best selling book has to say. This is a great conversation that every free believer should be in on. 

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    I love this conversation!!! I need the book here in Slovakia, guys! You know, I know nothing about the book, but the tone of your voices, the way you speak about freedom in worship, the FREEDOM is in you. And that freedom just got connected to the freedom that is in me. By the way, did you know, that the first link when you put "THe Shack" there says this "Pastor Mark Driscoll explains the errors of "The Shack" in..." - it's a youtube video and these guys probably paid money to google to get it on the first place... The thing I love the most is, that I actually thought that God speaks with this rude pharisees tone. That Jesus spoke rude, and expects us to expect rude and judgeing voice. If it's not, we become suspicious. But at this very moment we become closer to Jesus..

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    (2nd part) because Jesus wasn't rude. I think 90% of all Christians read the Bible with the feeling that Paul, Jesus, Peter - all these guys speak with a rude tone. And most of the time they actually don't. I have never read the Bible with a feeling that the writer actually smiles. I never thought the biblical writers even know what a smile is and wouldn't dare to involve a smile in a theological document... but the more free I become the more I tend to come to a conclusion that these guys must have smiled writing certain passages. That's what C.S.Lewis showed - God is not against laughter, God created it, He loves joy...

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