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Jun 03, 2018

Possessing The Individual Spirit

Darin and Hans talk about the politically correct way of thinking today and how it has to do with acceptance of groups rather than individuals. Even people in the grace world aspire to this mentality. As People of oneness we are given the gift of seeing individuals and meething each person where they are now. 

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    David Joseph

    I really like what you said about the twinkle. I think this is very important in love and also you once spoke about seeing the person. God has a name called El Roi the God who sees me. I think these things are very cool. Also the intimacy you are talking about is so so important. I think that being intimate with God has alot to do with the way we nurture our relationships and the way we nurture our relationship with God. I just want to apologize to God that I have not been as close as I would like to be to most people. I remember once Darin said that super spiritual people will never know God. I would like to confess that I want to be more down to earth and more ordinary. But there is also this place deep inside of me that wants to feel like I have to save the universe like superman. I think this is a burden that I should never have been or should carry, especially all alone. It hurts when you are all alone all the time. I see that it feels so good when you can connect with people.

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    I have listened to this over and over again. I love hearing you guys talk. As I was driving home today I saw beautiful clouds with sunbeams pouring through. I remember how I used to look at that almost like God was looking down at me or doing something special for everyone with that beauty. Now I appreciate it but there is no God outside of me. Love dwells within my heart and I don't even have to worry about it. I always feel embraced. Looking forward to the next episode! :-D

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