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Apr 21, 2018

Religion of The World

Darin and Hans talk about how the spirit of religion has attacked people in the world who are not familiar with it’s power. The result is the same result as what we see in churches; people separate themselves from others and learn to hate anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs. 

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    I have come to the vantage point: from behind the veil of good and evil, the spirit of God/his creation is defined through the flesh's interpretation; i.e., religion is the outsourcing of the flesh. This is why Law excites the flesh to sin, and made it manifest. Good and evil seems to be at the crux of someone being the one who is right or good. Whereas something is good and by one's acceptance of it therefore I am good - works, dead works which God has said are done with. As much as many of them have vanquished what may be construed as God fearing, they make manifest and confirm what God has said religion is... Jesus said unadulterated religion was visiting the widows and orphans; I don't think he was telling them what to do, but was pointing out the organically rare, saying something like," Yeah and good luck finding that." Man will always tinker from the good and evil view point until it is dead within them.

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    I believe man has a tendency to take things overboard before we balance ourselves out. Being aware of the disenfranchised and being socially active is not a bad thing, but we're living in a hyper aware world,so many who have become socially active have also become the most ridiculous. It's easy to Tweet against someone or blast them out on Face Book but is there any actions behind their words? "Faith without works is dead" I agree with Darin and Han that it is up to people like us who must be the voice of reason in this unreasonable world. I know many find Bill Mahr offensive, but he-an atheist- made this very same point in his own unique way. I hope and pray that this country finds balance and I, for one will do my part and openly be the voice of reason in this unreasonable world! One last point, I am friends with a Neo-Athiest and we have the best conversations! I find that I have more in common with him than I do with many of my fellow Christians!

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