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Sep 11, 2018

The Contradiction of You

Darin and Hans talk about the greatest Christian contradiction of all, and how it affects the world. Very interesting. 

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    Holly Hoell

    Hello, In listening to this, sometimes I catch hints that there is a "separation" still between us and God. I personally don't believe this at all. The thought of love as an act is something that is old from the church to me. Yes someone who "acts" in love can get amazing things done, but is it to get God's favor or works -- to try to be righteous? To me fruit is effortless. I feel Holy Spirit in me radiating love and empathy. While a person may hurt me to the core, I can still feel a love for them. There are times when the most annoying person in my life, I feel love for them. With the roller skates, the biker guy didn't change when he put the skates on, his joy that was already inside him became evident when he was participating in skating. Back to the separation, there is this "christian" thought about saying the prayer and that is when holy spirit enters. I totally disagree with that. I believe holy spirit is with all, otherwise people are helpless..

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    Holly Hoell

    The whole thought with the prayer is there are those that are in and those that are out, I don't think it's that black and white. My life is more that there is no separation, to Hans point yea I think I could choose to push God away, but he is still with me I think because he won't leave me to perish alone, he said he wouldn't. I just think the church needs reasons to stay in business and it puts so much emphasis on separation - things that people need that they don't have... well, I believe we have all that we need and I don't even think of sin, because the love that is in me helps direct me. I think church sets us up for victim hood by saying we are just sinners. Once past that crap you can focus on life and are free. I think religion is such a heavy yoke when you just live life and love comes out from within not necessarily in acts persay. But there is a whole life/energy when you feel love coming from others toward you. That alone is amazing. Love listening to you guys

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    The Mess

    Dear Guys This was a good broadcast. Thank you!! Not many christians talk about this stuff...duh. HOWEVER, please, for next time...take your time to do your very best in surgically explaining terms, analogies, comparisons, metaphors, etc. --- et. that we will not miss the very essence of what you are saying. When I hear what you say that a Buddhist or a New Ager or a Hari-Krishnar for example... who loves people....ah....they are God's children...because they are loving people --- hmmmm---I don't know about this. When Jesus says: I am the truth the life and the way to the Father..etc. "no" other..yet when some person loves freely another person...yup....he is Jesus's friend because of the act of love....while at the same time believing in religious doctrinal teachings and B.S. which negate/twist/downplay/deny/defuse/circumvent,reinterpret, etc. Christ's spoken words-- then my (brain) takes a trip down confusion street, and says...Can we have heart oneness but head-bananarama?

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    Richard Broadbent

    Great conversation, thanks, guys. Just to clarify something here, Paul never said there was nothing good in him, he did say that there was nothing good, "in his flesh."

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