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Aug 18, 2016

The Giving Heart

Darin and Hans continue last weeks discussion on giving and what has happened to it in our generation. The two come up with their ideas of what is missing in modern day Christian teachings on this subject and why so many people seem to go into “Zombie” mode the moment the subject is brought up. Enjoy!

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    Either direction one can go ends up chasing the dragon of sorts... I use to press in for opportunities to give to any and everyone. That's detrimental to all. Relational opportunities are so much more than giving money. To those who are in a process of self discovery, expressed love shines a loving light into them, heart to heart. But the perennial victim keeps the hand out and refuses to enter in... Coming to the end of our false self allows us to receive love. Usually what we think we need, more money, etc., doesn't cut it because we don't know yet who we really are. If this LIFE is defined as a dance, it is the one for which you were created, not the Charleston, Jitter Bug, etc. Only God can penetrate the perennial victims heart, loving them doesn't mean doing it for them...they have to want to give up, to surrender, provoked only by God, as was the tax collector who climbed the Sycamore tree. Following one's heart is the only reality to follow.

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