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Jul 04, 2016

The Living Spark of Grace

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    David Joseph Brncik

    Grace has class and beauty. Grace has wings that envelope all. Grace is actually the person of Jesus. Grace is the power of the resurrection of Christ. Grace is God's master artwork. Grace is the art form of God. Grace is the core of the Kindness of God. Grace is the coolest puzzle piece of God's character. Its beautiful and grace and truth came in the person of Jesus. Grace is favor. Grace is the ultimate gift of God. Grace empowers righteousness Grace essentially is unconditional compassion and undeserved mercy. Grace empowers .Grace is what perfects the believer. Grace ultimately has potential to redeem all. Grace and forgiveness are in love with each other. Grace possesses unlimited power. I love you. These podcasts are always awesome. Grace is the pretty agility of Jesus. Grace is the elegant movement of God's heart. Grace is the heartbeat of the father.Grace is the divine influence of the heart of God. Grace needs is protected by loves understanding heart precisely his children.

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    It takes great courage to enter into the grace lifestyle and essentially allow the naysayers to ridicule and judge you. Is it excruciating to take that leap? Yes. But, when you know in your gut that God is calling you out of the "norm", you are just propelled by conviction that it is right. After awhile you tire of explaining yourself to the naysayers and just rest in the peace that you have made the correct decision. It's still painful though, and peace isn't always easy. Which in itself is grace. He gives His grace for peace day by day, pain by pain. Some days are easier than others. If we aren't willing to make the break from family/friends for His sake, then how can He use that to send His message. If we aren't willing to do our part, then how can he do His part. Isn't that the essence of being a Christian. Isn't that what sets us apart. Maybe it's not the non-Christians we have to "witness" to, maybe it's fellow Christians.

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    I have a question about the previous post. Am I to understand that living in His true grace will bring ridicule? I just know I always thought I could identify gracious people, (those who live and exhibit and express His grace), and those were the kind of winsome people who He used to caused me to seriously desire Christ, and who encouraged me when things were hard, or in those phases when I was a bit down or in other negative phases. Maybe I am missing something.

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    Anyone else understand, or misunderstand what I am trying to say. Sigh.

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    My mother was a 7th Day Adventist. Because we weren't a part of her church, she believed we weren't saved. My inlaws, all Catholic, believed we were going to hell because we switched to Protestantism. My son-in-law, a poster boy for the IC, believes you have to attend church to be saved. Because my husband and I left church, stopped reading our Bible, took down all religious plaques from our home and adopted the grace/FB way of thinking and just relaxed in our approach to God, he thinks we have backslidden. He believes you are only a Christian if you attend church, constantly quote scriptures, only make friends with other Christians. Because these people view us differently because we have changed the way we love Christ, it causes strain in our relationships. We could cave and try to please them, but no matter which group we try to please, another part of the family will still see us as wrong. God said to be at peace with all men, if possible. Sometimes it isn't possible.

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    I see. I do go to a church gathering on Sundays. I know about expectations. I see your point. I read the bible some. Don't go in for plaques. Try to avoid clichés. I pretty much do what I would do and I am sure disappoint some, but also make some folks comfortable. I don't want to have rules either way, and feel fine in some circumstances that may be considered a "churchy" situation to many folks and is also a matter of my choice and not theirs. Thanks for posting again.

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    Campbell welcome to the free world 👍

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