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Jul 27, 2018

The Pursuit of Happiness

Darin and Hans have a frank discussion about the carrot that is dangling in front of all humanity and weather or not is really exists. Very good podcast!

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    Holly Hoell

    Enjoyed this Podcast, but wow sounds grim. Now that I do not get the weekly guilt trips from organized religion and that dysfunctional church environment, I enjoy drinking alcohol and if I want to drink enough that I have a strong buzz, I do and I don't apologize for it! I enjoy riding horses and watching a movie or whatever it is I please to do and I enjoy all those things and I no longer feel guilty for any of it. I really enjoy life! Hiking and seeing nature, the very simple things make me happy! I know Christ is within me and I never doubt that. Do I like hearing your podcasts to kind of reaffirm some of my beliefs, absolutely. Life has good and bad things, but you take them as they come and try to have positivity. If I think that God is causing me suffering then I point back to your book and I point to my experiences that the bad things that happen are NOT Him. If you can trust anyone, you can trust Him. Otherwise we are hopeless. still listeing ;-)

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    Holly Hoell

    I finished listening, one more thing to add. I felt that church was very negative. Everything was glass half empty where I attended. The people being prayed for were the same ones week after week. The feeling of victimization was as thick as pea soup. People would go up and cry and beg God for help and judgemental people would act like the reason they had problems was because of sin or what have you. ugh ugh ugh so glad to be out of there. I am my own superhero and Christ is with me so I am never alone. That is how I live and so far I am better for it! I remember one point where sadness filled me. I heard a lady speaking on you tube saying get out there find what makes you happy. Paint by number, dancing, whatever it is, find it and enjoy it. Its true. I learned I am in charge of my happiness and no other person(s) can help me with that because they cannot be there for me consistently. That would be unhealthy. Anyway this is a huge subject for me cause Ive known sadness.

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    Thank you for this talk. I realized a long time ago I'm a nihilistic Christian. I just don't find much value in a lot of life's things for me, even though I can explain their worth. It's probably because most people are not living authentic, & I found I can't go much further than the surface with them. So relationships don't satisfy me. I tend not to form them. Hence, life has little of value to me. I live with a basic sadness, but not depressed or mourning. I know there is worth & value ultimately in doing well. There is a basic grid of social maintenance we can all contribute to, which allows God to intersect lives & bring wonders to life. Even more so as we walk in the 'excellent ways' of faith, hope & love; even if much of it is unrequited on a human level. A witness is still a testimony of His ability, for those who are ready to see. If His Word speaks through nature, why not me; living a life tuned to His glory? We will still hear 'well done' for our faithful stewardship.

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    The first time I ever ate, I thought for sure I would be forever, HAPPY, what a bummer, I soon found out I would be hungry again :)

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    With all due respect, I feel this podcast misses the mark. To clarify: due to the fact that we live in a world at war in which we are the hunted prey, plus the fact that sin from birth has distorted how we think, many of us have no idea of who we are in Christ, nor are we aware of the power afforded to us due to his in-dwelling spirit. That is why it is essential that we daily determine to be "transformed by the renewing" of our mind so that we can find joy (not just happiness) in the midst of whatever this world throws at us. We are in spiritual bootcamp and its training is not for the faint-hearted. Why else would Paul admonish us to "put on the full armour of God"? It takes effort to stand against the lies the enemy has ingrained in our thoughts that cause us to surmise that all we can do is to slog through sh** until we die. Any manifestation of the fruit of the spirit is the result of constantly resolving to stand on the truth of who we are - not easy but entirely do-able!

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    Jeremy Woods

    Great podcast..One of the best for ages...I'm reminded of when i was in my old pente church in the early 90s, when after a service I was standing alone having a deep joyful thought about something about God's nature but i wasn't smiling. Someone passed me and told me to smile, cos in their mind i was not looking happy. It hurt to be totally misunderstood. Near the end of this talk reminds me of why I couldn't stay at a pentecostal church. There tends to be a shaming of anything introverted or being an observer. Some people at these churches labels quiet people as "negative" or "depressed" simply because they don't get loud or "charismatic". I by nature am refective and observe,yet in small groups can be very outgoing and expressive. My pente church exalted extroverts and ignores introverts. There was always this sense that the more spiritual ones are those who are visible and louder. I hated it,though i didn't realise how much til many years after.

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    Jeremy Woods

    And further more, it grieves me greatly to think of so many people who felt lost at big mega pentecostal churches simply because they weren't acting happy all the time. Like myself I grieve that so many people's unique lives were passed by simply because much of the institutional church only values personalities that express themselves outwardly and ignores those who quietly observe, yet have much richness within them that shines.

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