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May 18, 2018

Who Is The Real Bully

Darin’s son is being bullied at school, and the situation has opened up new revelations for Darin about himself. 

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    Oh No, poor Jude, I have been bullied and it is such a hopeless place to be and the shame! To feel so week and helpless is such a painful sad place. Good on that principle for the measures he took. Some things just cannot be fixed easily no matter how good the intention. It doesn't matter how long Jude took to tell you, what that kid did was wrong and deserves consequences. You are lucky he didn't get depressed and suicidal. That I feel is what real evil is -- when something takes who you are and destroys it makes you wilt inwardly to feel lower than low and worthless. Then you wonder why you? What is wrong with you that you get picked on? It's an incredibly horrible place to be. I hope he does good now.

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