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  • Help spread this message of freedom by joining our 20.00 a month support group. The amount may seem insignificant, but if everyone participates, we will reach millions of hurting people.
  • Send a link to all your friends and family and inviting them to visit the site.
  • Spread the message by buying books in bulk for a 40% discount and giving to friends and loved ones.
  • Talking to your church leaders about hosting a "Gods Honest Truth Conference"
  • Give GHT book and Audio Sermons to your pastor or church leaders
  • Passing out sermon and podcast CDs to people in your life who you think are ready to receive this message.
  • Ask your local Christian radio station to play our podcast radio show "Into the Wild" or our sermons on the air.
  • List "The God's Honest Truth" as a favorite book (if it is) on your MySpace or Facebook.
  • Play your favorite sermon or "Into the Wild podcast" on your page when people visit.
  • Link to blogs that you enjoyed on any forum or group you are a member of.
  • Contact your local Christian book store and ask if they carry "The God's Honest Truth".